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Right now, I’m offering a finding service for properties in a let-sublet business model.
The finder’s fee is AED 5000.

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Do you still have questions? Here’s a few more details…

I’m offering this deal as part of a deal finding service for let and sub-let deals.

The fee is AED 5000 and I help you over the course of a month to find a deal that works for you.

The payment shows me that you’re serious about finding a deal. If I cannot find you a deal that cash flows within a month, you get your money back.

One thing I can tell you is finding deals is a lot of fun (with tons of learning too).

If I find a deal that you decide you’re not interested in, then we’ll discuss the reasons why and I’ll find you at least one more. I know how to find cash flowing deals!

Given that the total profit for the year is projected to be over AED 100,000 with an ROI of 100+%, I’m sure you’ll agree that my fee of AED 5000 (which works out less than 1% of the yearly income) is a bargain 🙂

I’m pretty nifty at finding great deals, and over the past 6 months I found a total of 23 cash-flowing deals.

If you’re looking for cashflow, and have some money to invest, then you know that having a deal like this on a plate with everything “good to go” will save you a lot of time, and money and will help you on your journey to Financial Freedom!

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Kat Rich
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P.S. If you need me to manage the property as well so it becomes completely passive for you, then speak to me about that as well 🙂